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Elevator Decorating Materials Notes

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Elevator decorating material mainly consists of metal, wood, glass, metal artificial material: mainly stainless steel mainly used in car wall, car door, landing door and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury has hairline board, mirror panels, mirror etching plate, titanium plate, gold plate. Wood material: mainly used for car wall, ceiling and floor decor frame. Car wall decorating with many types of wood, such as red beech, white beech, bird eye wood, black walnut and even mahogany. Decoration requirements applicable to the higher star hotels and other places. Ceiling with wooden material and should be coordinated with the car. Flooring is wood flooring. Decorating the car after the fire using wood materials handling requirements, compliance with fire acceptance criteria. Glass: including glass, mirrors, wall decor for the car. If you can not mirror mirror stainless steel. Synthetic materials: mainly refers to the translucent ceiling panels, translucent columns and other artificial materials. Can be divided into various grades ceiling to match different car decoration. Car armrest with artificial materials more. Of course, there are metal and wood materials. Area calculation problem: user adoption within the dimensions of the elevator car, width, depth, height; frame size, width and height. Rectangle if the car is not even drawing rules, the corner section measurement accuracy. To measure the width of the door decoration and high leaf. With these dimensions, the plant can process the corresponding products. As for the quote: generally in accordance with user requirements, itemized quote, such as how much money the car, the door much money. Production and decoration of each company has its own price positioning. If you do, then the agent adds its profit on it. Another point to note: the elevator balance coefficient will change after the lift décor. If you are a new user to purchase an elevator, take the weight of the decoration objects tell in advance estimate the elevator manufacturer. If you are decorating with elevator, the elevator needs to be adjusted by the commissioning staff.

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