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China Auto Parts Challenges Facing The Development Of Five Areas

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Weichai, Yuchai, Xichai and Fast, Fuyao, Dicastal wheels, universal, Ningbo Huaxiang and Aviation parts, Hang Sheng Sheng and are a large number of automotive electronics and other emerging companies, as well as Changan, Brilliance , JAC, Chery, China's heavy truck and other major automobile companies independently developed powertrain components, etc., which will be the backbone and foundation of the future development of China's auto parts. "Recently, the deputy secretary general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers 2014 annual meeting of China's auto parts industry do" strategy to lead the whole zero synergy - bigger and stronger China's auto parts industry efforts, "the theme of the report, said the country the basic development of auto parts in good shape, but expanding industry will lead to changes in the competitive landscape of uncertainty, the future development of Chinese brand parts enterprises will become increasingly difficult.

Chinese brand parts 90% concentrated in the low-end products

"China brand parts business market share decline." said at the meeting, according to incomplete statistics, the number of parts over 10,000 enterprises (less than 6000 scale enterprises). Foreign-backed companies (45% owned, joint venture 55%) accounted for 20% of the size of the number of enterprises, while its market share of over 70%. Chinese brand parts business market share of less than 30%, 90% concentrated in the low-end products.

Yesheng Ji believes that in recent years, foreign-owned, joint ventures parts quickly emerged, basically monopolized the key and core technologies, Chinese brands have marginalized parts of the trend. Master the key components and core technology companies, has a foreign-backed companies accounted for more than 3/4 of the entire industry (40 per cent foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures accounted for about 35%), non-core components concentrated in China brand zero parts business. "Tech automobile is mainly reflected in the key and core components, the development of enterprises has become a key component of China's automobile industry, bigger and stronger." Yesheng Ji said that in the high-tech automotive electronics and engine parts and other fields, foreign market share up to 90%, of which the engine management system (including EFI), ABS and other core components, the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises are more than 95% and 90%.

parts industry needs to top-level design

Due to lack of business R & D investment, lack of personnel, technology innovation, the lack of original products, Chinese brand parts capability of independent innovation, core competitiveness is difficult to compete with foreign advanced enterprises.

Yesheng Ji said that China is currently facing the development of parts and components from a wide range of challenges.

First, the current lack of a national strategy for the auto parts industry transformation and upgrading of systems planning, lack of encouragement and support for the development and production of key core components of related policies to promote the development of auto parts enterprises struggling alone, can not form a cohesive force, can not be targeted key components to specific joint research and technology to achieve a breakthrough.

Second, in the face aspects of national saving, environmental protection, safety and other requirements of increasingly stringent regulations, continue to strengthen from the face of the automobile companies supporting the procurement of quality requirements, the Chinese auto parts enterprises are facing pressure to raise the overall quality.

Third, parts companies have the ability to synchronize the development and automobile companies, has become a vehicle matching system enters the basic requirements. In the future, require parts enterprises have developed basic capabilities, but also has the advanced technology development capability.

Fourth, some Chinese brand auto parts enterprises lack of knowledge of the industry, the lack of strategic planning, the actual investment is not enough, the pursuit of short-term benefits, in addition to the missing in the development, production, management and personnel, etc., caused by Chinese enterprises and foreign brand parts development gap is growing.

Fifth, all parts of the enterprise to meet the requirements of automobile companies have implemented ISO9000, ISO / TS16949 certification, but the purpose of some companies certified lack of knowledge, inadequate execution management system, system operation performance is poor, it is difficult to ensure product quality the steady.

In addition, for a long working relationship discord vehicle and parts business, the whole zero enterprises urgent need to improve. Meanwhile, parts enterprises in cooperation with the upstream industry also need strengthening.

Under the new normal, China's auto parts industry must have a way to achieve the transformation and upgrading. Yesheng Ji believes that in order to lead the healthy development of the automotive parts industry, as soon as possible to determine the future direction of research and components, parts and components industry to develop future plans and objectives. By 2025, establish and improve the international competitiveness of a strong supporting parts supply system, to form a substantially complete product development system, the basic realization of the strategic transformation of China's auto parts industry, from manufacturing to create.

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