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On The Current Situation And Trend Elevator Market Development

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Our elevator ownership has more than one million units, and to maintain a 20% annual rate of increase, the market outlook, such a large piece of "cake", each enterprise eating very uneven. Current production elevator manufacturer in more than 80% of multinational companies, including American Otis, Schindler, Kone, Finland, Germany, Thyssen, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Foster and other 13 major foreign-invested companies in the domestic market share reached 74%. To enter the Chinese market is only 10 years of Huasheng Fujitec elevators had throughout the Capital Airport, Beijing subway, Shanghai Centre, Beijing International Trade, more than 20 cities nationwide iconic buildings.

The main reason for the formation of such a situation is not high profile domestic elevator. "China Elevator Association laugh any day," said some of the requirements of the procurement unit or even a direct purchase of foreign or joint venture brands, no doubt the national brand in the door. "In this era of the pursuit of the brand, domestic elevator brands apparently suffered a major loss.

Difficult to see from the history of the development of elevator industry, lift some foreign companies have a century of history, brand heritage to the development of the enterprise after a huge help, and our elevator business started late, most only 10 to 20 years has become an important reason for the domestic elevator brand awareness is not high.

Industry experts believe that, despite the presence of some domestic brands elevator procurement project does not appear, but as businesses, not just blindly send "Complaints", although the current market mechanism is not perfect, but we must see our own shortcomings, positive seek solutions. Domestic elevator companies in order to change the passive situation, hard skills, not only has excellent performance products and a strong brand, but also focus on market development, pay close attention to on-site management, installation of each elevator maintenance professional, the accident pre-diagnosis, strengthen efforts in the quality of products, services, network construction, cost control, etc., this is the primary task.

"Disorderly competition, throat price competition, the market is still visible in the elevator." Because of the lack of long-term strategic planning, business development often neglect the supply chain management and control, while focusing on pure price competition, which makes the domestic elevator companies do not forming a virtuous cycle development, production and sales. "Price war" not only disrupt the order of competition in the market, often making their own mess "cheap" strategy, still can not get enough profits to put into research and development.

In the fierce market competition, domestic elevator enterprise application issues a long-term perspective, not for immediate, lower prices and quality that only masters of our own core technology, jointly pushing into force, in order to truly strengthen China elevator industry.

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