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  • On The Current Situation And Trend Elevator Market Development
    Our elevator ownership has more than one million units, and to maintain a 20% annual rate of increase, the market outlook, such a large piece of "cake", each enterprise eating very uneven. Current production elevator manufacturer in more than 80% of multinational companies, including American Otis,
  • Elevator Maintenance Contract Manufacturers To Benefit From The Introduction Of The Model
    At present, China has reached 2.45 million units with an elevator, but the ratio of the major manufacturer of elevator maintenance since both less than 30%, most of the maintenance repair and maintenance services company in the community to bear. Since some maintenance company strength, incompetent,
  • Elevator Decorating Materials Notes
    Elevator decorating material mainly consists of metal, wood, glass, metal artificial material: mainly stainless steel mainly used in car wall, car door, landing door and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury has hairline board, mirror panels, mirror etching plate, titanium plate,
  • Four Little Attention To Points Elevator Decoration
    First, we should note attached to the lift up the quality of decoration materials as light as possible, because there is a certain balance between the elevator car and counterweight, not because beautiful and neglect safety.Second, we should try to make the elevator go up and decorating materials at
  • Structure Principle Buzzer
    Structural principle 1. Piezo buzzer mainly by multivibrator, piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching and resonance box, shell and other components. Some of the piezoelectric buzzer shell is also equipped with light-emitting diodes.Multivibrator composed of transistors or integrated circuits. W
  • The Concept Of The Comb Plate
    Comb Located steps or pallets running entrances, to facilitate the transition of passengers up and down steps or pedal parts and engaging. Also a safety device of the elevator, back comb has micro switch, if the foreign body can snap into the elevator stopped running. Comb plate side sup
  • Definition Of Elevator Guide Shoe
    DefinitionGuide shoe is sliding nylon block elevator between rail and car, called the guide shoe, it can be fixed on the rail car, so the car can only move up and down, the upper part of the shoe as well as the oil cup, reducing shoe lining and rail friction.Each elevator car to install four guide s
  • Define And Construct Rope
    Wire rope with a plurality of thin wires or strands twisted into a flexible cord, wire rope are twisted into strands by a multi-layer, then the cord as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted spirally wound cord. In material handling machinery for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load-bear
  • Overview Of Elevator Guide Rails
    Elevator guide rail is traveling up and down the elevator hoistway safety rail, rail mounted on the shaft wall, are rail rack, rail brackets attached to the shaft wall. Elevator common rail is "T" shaped rail. Rigidity, high reliability, security features cheap. Rail plane must be smooth, no uneven
  • Laser Marking Machine Dimming Steps
    1. adjust the direction indicated by the red (major regulator of red four-dimensional frame), the ultimate goal is to start at the red light, and the galvanometer receiving hole at the center of the shaft should be at the center of the red, red laser shaft axis and to be on the same axis.2. after th
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