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The Basic Requirements For Insulating Glass Processing Equipment, Machinery Parts Design

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1. The strength, stiffness and life requirements

Strength is the ability of insulating glass processing equipment parts to resist destruction. Insufficient strength of parts, will lead to excessive plastic deformation or fracture damage and the insulating glass processing machine stopped working even serious accidents. High-strength materials, increasing the cross-sectional dimensions of parts and rational design of cross-sectional shapes, using heat and chemical treatment methods to improve manufacturing precision moving parts of the machine as well as the rational allocation of the mutual position of the parts, etc. are conducive to improve the strength of hollow glass processing equipment parts.

Stiffness refers to the ability to resist the elastic deformation of the parts. Inadequate stiffness parts, will result in too large elastic deformation, causing load concentration, affect the machine performance or even cause accidents. For example a spindle hollow glass processing equipment, rails, etc., if insufficient deformation stiffness too much would seriously affect the precision machined parts. stiffness hollow glass processing equipment parts division overall deformation stiffness and rigidity of the two surfaces in contact. increased cross-sectional dimensions of parts or increases moment of inertia, or multi-span shortening bearing fulcrum structure and other measures to help improve the overall stiffness of the part. increasing the bonding surface with fine processing and other measures will help to improve the contact stiffness of parts. in general, satisfy the stiffness requirements of the parts, but also to meet the strength requirements.

Life is the period of normal operation of the part material fatigue, corrosion, the relative movement of parts of the contact surface wear and high temperature components pupa becomes the like, is a major factor in the life of the parts affect the measures to increase parts fatigue failure resistance there..: Reducing stress concentration, there is of sufficient size to ensure that the size of the parts and components to improve the surface quality of the parts and other measures to increase the corrosion resistance are: selection of corrosion-resistant materials and protective measures taken by various surface wear and anti-corrosion As improve the wear. issues and creep problem, refer to the monograph.

2. The structure of the process requirements

Hollow glass processing equipment parts should have good structure manufacturability. This means that, under certain conditions of production, the parts should be able to easily and economically produced, and easy to assemble into hollow glass processing equipment. Parts of the structure should be part of the process blank manufacturing, machining and assembly process, and several production processes to be taken into account. Therefore, when the insulating glass processing equipment parts of the structure design, in addition to meeting the requirements and on the strength of the parts function, stiffness and life requirements, it should also for processing, measuring, installation, maintenance, transportation and other aspects of the parts of the requirements, take it seriously, make structural components fully meet the above requirements.

3. reliability requirements

Hollow glass processing equipment parts and machinery reliability definition is the same definitions of reliability. The reliability of the machine is its reliability is mainly to ensure that the component parts. Improve the reliability of parts, should operating conditions (load, ambient temperature etc.) and the performance of both parts into account, so that random variations as small as possible: at the same time, enhance the use of the maintenance and monitoring, but also can improve the reliability of the parts.

4. Economic Requirements

Economic hollow glass processing equipment parts is mainly determined by the material and processing costs of parts. Therefore, to improve the economy of the main parts to be considered from the material selection and structural parts arts two aspects. As an inexpensive material instead of expensive materials, using lightweight construction and low margin, no margin rough, simplify and improve the structure of parts part structure technology, as well as the use of standard parts, etc.

5. Quality requirements for small

As far as possible to reduce the quality of the vast majority of hollow glass processing machinery parts are necessary to reduce the quality of the first can save material, on the other hand to the moving parts can reduce its inertia force, thereby improving the dynamic performance of the machine: the transport machinery reduce part quality can reduce the quality of the machine itself, which would increase the carrying capacity. To achieve the purpose of quality small parts, should be designed to take different measures.

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