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Mold Core Components Independently Driven Car Manufacturing Industry

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As China's mold industry breakdown product, professional development, automobile mold is still driven by the most extensive, more rapid development of the industry in the field, every car needs to change type of thousands deputy dies, the value of the yuan, car OEMs and closely supporting the mold enterprises have been formed to develop, development and debugging process, strategic alliances volume production. Automotive Tooling automotive equipment in an important part!

In recent years, the automotive industry type faster change, market diversification demand at an alarming rate, a huge potential market for automotive die. Car companies first assembled enterprise, technology is actually more of a real master in parts business, the company's products parts production is achieved by molding. Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Luo Hui said that in the automotive driveline, steering system, body parts, engine parts and components of high-end products we are still dependent on imports, automotive equipment, molds and equipment is an important part of every new models of cars require thousands deputy dies, the value of the yuan, while the lack of large-scale precision mold manufacturing capacity. Like a full mid-range Passat body die on more than 250 million yuan, large plastic mold of about 35 million - 40 million, our country has been able to produce C-class sedan following midrange and a full car cover mold die, dashboard bumper plastic mold, we have could do it well, but our luxury car cover mold almost all imported products. Die-cylinder car from the heart of the generator to the car body in white stampings, from research and development to accelerate the process of China's energy-saving environmentally friendly vehicles (such as plastic and metal, plastic injection mold achieve automotive engine intake manifold abroad accounted for 80%, this process enables more complete combustion, lighter), to the new super steel hot forming die; automotive lightweight new materials forming die and multi-position progressive die is to promote the protection of all automobile brand development, in order to reduce weight, aluminum and other light metals in automotive applications will increase, and this adaptation of the mold will also be developed.

Luo Hui pointed out that with the development of the integration of technology mold folder, mold clamp integrated products will also be developed. Everything needed to drive the automobile industry mold core components of self-manufacturing, mold in the future market, the proportion of the total plastic mold mold will gradually increase its growth rate will be higher than other molds. Automotive OEM business position in the mold has the status of a core competitiveness; mold enterprise-level support services for the automotive OEM is the close relationship between a strategic alliance. It can be predicted with a high level and the development of a rapid development of China's auto industry, will lead a sustained and stable development of the automotive mold market.

FAW mold company British Land Rover (LandRover) production of high-grade aluminum car stamping dies, a total of 23 categories of parts, hundred of mold, has been put into use in Liverpool, Birmingham and other factories; before it will be exhibiting at the AudiA6L luxury sedan fender board parts to qualified dimensional tolerances and good surface finish in a free state, indicating that the domestic mold manufacturers already design and manufacture all types of body panel mold. Anhui Jianghuai body Fu Zhen Hu Rui Equipment Co. and Anhui automobile mold company will bring the appearance of a single row of roof outer panel quality, front wall, roof, tailgate and outside the left panel, the left circumference, the outer panels on the dashboard demanding, complex shape, drawing deep deep, large auto parts mold and craft show. Shanghai Superior Die company will also showcase exterior body panels and large stamping dies --- including a four-door, hood and trunk lid, side panels, fenders, roof, floors and other parts of the mold, level progressive die stamping dies, multi-station stamping dies, blanking Tailored Blanks molds. Progressive Die large auto parts also showed considerable strength, which is representative of the Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd. Tianjin Katherine production car trunk structure of large precision progressive die, the weight of 14t, length 4m, module accuracy of 5um, die life 3 million times, mold design and manufacturing standards meet the technical level of similar foreign products.

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