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Ten Multinational Auto Parts Business, "BRIC" Time

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With China firmly secured the throne of the world's largest automobile production and marketing power, as well as many other global car market has not fully recovered, multinational parts companies have begun betting Chinese market, the capital increase, the new production base or R & D centers, hoping to divide get bigger cake. According to statistics, on a national scale in the auto parts business, there are currently more than 1,200 foreign-invested enterprises, and most of which are Fortune 500 companies. These multinational scale, technical strength and experience in multinational operations is a world leading level, with automobile companies involved in the simultaneous development of new models, systems development and module supply capacity and experience in business, almost all of the world's system of Transnational Automotive Group , supporting one or two module-level suppliers. They its strong capital, technical strength and wealth of operational experience, and soon dominated the market in China in the Competition.

Despite past 2012, China's automobile market lost several years of rapid growth, however, still maintained the momentum of micro growth. Some analysts predict that by 2020 China's light vehicle sales will reach 30 million, at that time, the scale of China's auto market will catch up with the sum of today's European and US markets.

Huge market temptation by many overseas car prices favor and attention. Today, not only is the overseas automobile companies to invest in China, some multinational parts, dealers are also optimistic about the Chinese automobile market. Conducting market competition while participating in the events organized by the country in the past, many multinational enterprises to actively participate in parts HC Auto Parts Ten selection activities, Ten selection after eight years, much of multinational auto parts business concerns and support, until now, ten multinational companies involved in sea election vote 51, PPT champion lubricants to 208 votes, with 190 votes, followed by Brembo, instead of great potential. Branch Emperor grams, Valeo, Sachs Huizhong, narrowly votes gaps were ranked the top ten auto ranked third, fourth, fifth.

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