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Thailand Want To Build A World-Class Automobile Production Base

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Thailand's automotive industry is a big country in Southeast Asia on the traditional sense, but by the limitations of scale of production and domestic and foreign markets, industry size and export situation for many years no major breakthrough. In recent years, with the adjustment of economic structure, government support efforts to increase foreign car manufacturers to reduce costs have vied for the Asia-Pacific market in Southeast Asia, Thailand's auto industry ushered in the great development opportunity. Currently, almost all of the world-renowned automobile companies set up production bases in Thailand, or assembly plants, car production in Thailand in 2012 over 2.75 million, motorcycle production capacity of 2.8 million, the auto industry output value accounted for GDP 8%, and become the backbone of Thailand's export industries.

The Thai government plans to continue to deepen the infrastructure, to guide and encourage the automobile industry cluster, and continue to expand overseas markets. The Ministry of Industry has approved the use of the Commission's future strategy funds recovery and nation-building in the capital of 8.1 billion baht to build auto parts testing and R & D center. The project is divided into three implementation, initial investment 2.4 billion baht, according to ASEAN standards for 19 categories of automotive spare parts to improve testing capabilities projects. Under the first phase will be completed during the year 2015 to meet the formal establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community.

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