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  • Passenger Elevator Safety Knowledge
    Description: The correct direction according to the call button, up by "△"; downlink press "▽". (For the purposes of layer group control system call, please follow the instructions to use the elevator).Incorrect operation: just repeatedly press the button or press the call outside the upper and lowe
  • Definition Of Elevator Guide Shoe
    DefinitionGuide shoe is sliding nylon block elevator between rail and car, called the guide shoe, it can be fixed on the rail car, so the car can only move up and down, the upper part of the shoe as well as the oil cup, reducing shoe lining and rail friction.Each elevator car to install four guide s
  • China Auto Parts Challenges Facing The Development Of Five Areas
    Weichai, Yuchai, Xichai and Fast, Fuyao, Dicastal wheels, universal, Ningbo Huaxiang and Aviation parts, Hang Sheng Sheng and are a large number of automotive electronics and other emerging companies, as well as Changan, Brilliance , JAC, Chery, China's heavy truck and other major automobile compani
  • Define And Construct Rope
    Wire rope with a plurality of thin wires or strands twisted into a flexible cord, wire rope are twisted into strands by a multi-layer, then the cord as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted spirally wound cord. In material handling machinery for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load-bear
  • Domestic Foundry Mold Material In Order To Reduce The Gap Between The Need To Increase The
    In recent years, China's foundry industry with mold material with the continuous development of the market environment has made a very good score. However, the current market situation, China's foundry mold material industry with foreign advanced countries remains a huge gap compared.According to th
  • Overview Of Elevator Guide Rails
    Elevator guide rail is traveling up and down the elevator hoistway safety rail, rail mounted on the shaft wall, are rail rack, rail brackets attached to the shaft wall. Elevator common rail is "T" shaped rail. Rigidity, high reliability, security features cheap. Rail plane must be smooth, no uneven
  • Ten Multinational Auto Parts Business, "BRIC" Time
    With China firmly secured the throne of the world's largest automobile production and marketing power, as well as many other global car market has not fully recovered, multinational parts companies have begun betting Chinese market, the capital increase, the new production base or R & D centers, hop
  • Mold Core Components Independently Driven Car Manufacturing Industry
    As China's mold industry breakdown product, professional development, automobile mold is still driven by the most extensive, more rapid development of the industry in the field, every car needs to change type of thousands deputy dies, the value of the yuan, car OEMs and closely supporting the mold e
  • Laser Marking Machine Dimming Steps
    1. adjust the direction indicated by the red (major regulator of red four-dimensional frame), the ultimate goal is to start at the red light, and the galvanometer receiving hole at the center of the shaft should be at the center of the red, red laser shaft axis and to be on the same axis.2. after th
  • The Basic Requirements For Insulating Glass Processing Equipment, Machinery Parts Design
    1. The strength, stiffness and life requirementsStrength is the ability of insulating glass processing equipment parts to resist destruction. Insufficient strength of parts, will lead to excessive plastic deformation or fracture damage and the insulating glass processing machine stopped working even
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